One of the top three challenges for business owners is finding the right squad of potential marketing employees who can bring plans to action, but thankfully you don't need a humongous team to bring your content marketing and SEO in-house.

In fact, the most well-performing content marketing team has smaller but sharp team which will be more than enough to carry on the operations.

What will be the first step?

Find a writer! As per a survey, about 41.5% companies work on making the strong base as their first step by employing a proper content writer.

Writers give a consistent and baseline for all the content you want to include in your marketing plan. Moreover, in content marketing and SEO, there is enough writing that your value for pay will be always glittering.

Moreover, Your writer needs to have a basic understanding of your company, industry and the target audiences you want to reach. Look for a writer who has a background in public relations or marketing communications; they tend to be more knowledgeable about how to build relationships with target audiences, have experience with social media and promotion, and can not only write content for various media but can also help you develop your overall program.

Excellent communicators are generally quick studies and can learn about the technical elements rather quickly. Your new writer should have a good understanding of SEO, specifically about how to use target words and how to optimize a blog post.

You’ll need a good developer/designer

Your content will fall flat if there are problems with the way it’s conveyed to your target audiences. With content marketing, these media include your website, graphics, presentations and other visual elements which play an essential role.

A good Web designer can create a site that is user-friendly with easy navigation, good organization, interactive features, data collection, sales capability and more. Find a designer who has experience with both website and graphic design. They can also help you with other graphic design elements such as creating presentations, designs, landing pages and etc. Don't forget that the developer/designer with SEO knowledge is just like a cherry on the cake.

Bring in a social media manager

You will probably need to add someone who is very well-versed in other social functions that get your content to your target audiences. This person will take on all the content distribution work that includes posting on social media, promoting content and engaging in the native ad, engaging with social media users, creation such as sponsored content, branded content, advertorials and much more.

Email marketing experience is a big plus here. Email marketing is a core function of content marketing because of the limitations of social media. Email marketing content such as newsletters allows you to directly fetch your target audiences’ contact information and communicate with them directly without the restrictions imposed by social media platform’s protocols. Also, an inappropriate post or flippant response to a social media follower can do a tremendous amount of damage to your business.

The SEO expert rounds out the team

An SEO expert is always needed to make the most of your content marketing and should be very knowledgeable about Google Analytics, website performance and data, and the technical elements of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Use freelance help when you can

Every time employing content marketing professionals with expertise can seem a little tedious. Many businesses have had great success with outsourcing and employing freelance professionals for their content marketing needs. Freelancers can charge a fraction of what agencies charge for services because they have minimal overhead costs, many of them have outstanding experience gained from working for Fortune 500 firms.

Ask others for recommendations if you want to find top freelance talent. Ad agencies probably won’t give up the names of the freelancers they work with, friends and colleagues who work in communications or marketing will. But still, there is a way to find the right pearls out of pebbles. LinkedIn works like a boon when it comes to seeking right profile professions.


The right resource is something which is basic foundation when it comes to content marketing and SEO. You are half way there when you have the right team, and the rest depends on crafting your strategy. One the calibration is set, it hardly takes any more amendments from the team thereafter.