It doesn't actually take rocket science concept when you're starting out, but little bit outsourcing will do enough to start your own business and handle content marketing and SEO.

At the outset, you may feel it is better to play safe by outsourcing your work to agencies outside who have white-collar professionals and sit back to receive a perfectly framed output; You may find it a turkey shoot when it is a case where few cakes need to be baked.

It all works perfect - until the first pit. Maybe it starts with tiny issues due to the fact that your external agency doesn't understand your business philosophy or they're charging you more what it could cost for an in-house hire to do the same job. Maybe you'd not prefer to share confidential stuff outside your organization.

According to a survey from the Society of Digital Agencies, 27% of the companies no longer outsource their work to outside agencies which is more than doubled from last year where it was 13%. Many companies are taking initiation to bring in the services in-house when it comes to content marketing; certainly, there are plenty of reasons behind.

At the beginning of the era where content marketing was just lifting up its head, some companies made a sneaky move by bringing their former agency's staff in-house, probably with a smile just enough to get their work done!

Those days maybe it worked fine once in a blue moon, but in modern ages, the agencies with whom you work with have their own policies and strong language on their papers that legally may not let you play your trick of directly hiring their cream resource.

Even in case your cherry picking policy works and you succeed in hiring resources from your ex-agency with your magic wand, it may not be best of both the worlds because the people in the agencies are not determined to work for one organization but to always seek new opportunities outside, they always find that the grass is greener on the other side! it may not take more time for them to hop into the new mound and eventually it will cost you an arm and a leg.

It may look like you are trying to bite off more than you can chew by teaming your own crew, but the down the line it turns to be the best move since you can mold and sculpture it as per your company etiquettes.